EVMC launched a mentoring program in Fall 2021 intended to provide professional and social support to students seeking careers in the live entertainment industry. Through the program, mentees will have the opportunity to establish a strong relationship with an industry leader and ultimately receive professional guidance and tools for success.

Applications for the 2024-2025 School Year will open in August 2024.

See below for Program Requirements and Application.


LEAD is a mentoring program offering training and support for future entertainment industry leaders. The program, presented by EVMC, is a place where creativity is the culture and equity is the experience for all.

“It was wonderful to be connected to someone who truly wanted to mentor and share experiences. LEAD offered comfort, support and industry knowledge through the one on one conversations.” – Mark Salazar, mentee

“Going into the program, I didn’t believe that my goals were attainable but in the end my goals were actually exceeded. The advice given to me was specific to me and my situation and truly guided me through my next steps.” – Victoria Krivenkoff, mentee


    • Opportunity for job preparedness through monthly advice and discussion
    • Establish a professional network
    • Further develop professional communication abilities
    • Gain understanding of the industry through mentor’s professional experiences
    • Strengthen leadership skills
    • Giving back to the industry by educating the next generation 
    • Networking opportunities 
    • A greater appreciation for experiences made through storytelling and connection with student 


    • Must be a college junior/senior or graduate level student to participate 
    • Initiate and participate in at least one communication with mentor per month 
    • Must agree to participate for the duration of the program (runs October - June)
    • Ability to listen and be receptive to advice from mentor 
    • Complete and submit full application 
    • Mentors who volunteer to participate must have been in a leadership role within the industry for at least 3-5 years 
    • Required to meet/speak with paired student monthly
    • Must agree to participate for the duration of the program (runs October - June)
    • Spearhead the mentoring process by helping the mentee to develop and achieve outlined goals
    • Willingness to listen and advise eager yet inexperienced students
    • Complete and submit full application 

Deadline to apply has passed.

To request additional information or express interest in becoming a mentor, contact us.