Adventures In Venueland is a side project of the Event & Venue Marketing Conference, a non-profit organization bringing together people in the field of live entertainment to discuss marketing, publicity and sales trends in the industry. The AIV theme is comprised of elements from the Nine Inch Nails track 16 Ghosts II off the Ghosts I-IV album, and is licensed under a Creative Commons license (BY-NC-SA). Guest suggestion? Email us.

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Explore the personal journeys and experiences of people in the live entertainment industry. Join hosts Dave Redelberger and Paul Hooper as they talk with guests who work in live entertainment about what they are currently doing, their history in the industry, and the challenges they faced along the way to lead them to where they are today.

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  • Paul Hooper / Co-host, Booking, Branding & Marketing
  • Dave Redelberger / Co-host & Guest Research
  • Megan Ebeck / Marketing, Design & Digital Advertising
  • Samantha Marker / Marketing, Copywriting & Publicity
  • Camille Faulkner / Audio Editing & Mixing

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